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Parts & Misc. For Sale

Vintage dash indicator lamps, red lens. Heavy metal construction, 7/8” O.D., requires ¾” hole.  comes with replaceable standard 12V bulb, switch bulb for 6V applications. These are NOS but shelfworn. Chrome is OK but not concours.  Choice of large or small lens. $25 per pair postpaid in USA. Contact me for other destinations.  IL


Larry Claypool




1940 Crosley Engine (Waukesha 150 Cub Twin). Basket case. Needs valve seats. Includes lots of new parts.


John Olsson Roswell, GA.


Isetta Parts: Steering Knuckle A-1, A-1a;  Brake Carrier A-51, A-51a;  Brake Drums A-83;  Swing Arm A-19;  Swing Arm A-26;  Rear Outer Hub C-26;  Wheel Hub with Wheel Bolts A-41;  Worm Gear Housing A-86;  Oil Cap Screw A-9; Speedometer E-107;  Fuse Block E-44;  Clutch Pedal F-44;  Brake Pedal F-45;  Accelerator Pedal F-46;  Other Miscellaneous Steering Parts. All parts in used condition,


Jim Golomb, IL.


Bing carburetor 1/24/03:  Similar to Messerschmitt KR-200 carb except float 

chamber is on right side.  Several pieces missing, but body is in good shape.  $35.00 

Rob   NJ   at 973-975-2380.


Windshields: Good Used for NSU P4 $100

Good Used for Simca 1000 sedan $75

New for NSU 1000/1200 $225  


Parts For sale

Have two Lloyd 400 cc 2 stroke engines , believe these were used  in various snowmobiles of 50’s-60’s.  both turn ok and have compression; 1 has a starter & coil set; neither have a carburetor. Can bring to World meet in June. $200 ea, or $300 for the pair.

Larry Claypool

lloyd  x 1.jpg
lloyd 3.jpg
lloyd 2.jpg
llyod 4.jpg
lloyd x 2.jpg
lloyd 1.jpg


Janus 250 Lighted Neon Wall Sign:   (New in Wooden Packing Crate)

Sign Dimensions:  8.5 inches (Width) X 48 inches (Length) X 5 inches (Height)

Packing Crate Dimensions:  11 inches (Width) X 54 Inches (Length) X 8 Inches (Height)

Price:  1000 USD - fair and firm


Howard G. Singer

La Jolla, California


Cell:  619.980.4586


janus 250_edited.png

FREE - back issues of Minutia and Microcar News.  The issues are free, just a charge for shipping.



Volume Year Issues                                                                                                                                              

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132004 1,2,3,4

142005 1,2,3,4

152006 1,2,3

162007 1,2,3,4

172008 1,2,3,4



(San Francisco, CA)


Microcar News

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2015 1,2,3

2016 1,2,3

Messerschmitt KR-175 parts available:  Handlebar assembly, with upper and lower bearings, and front suspension components, as pictured.   The leftovers from several restorations, a 1953 and a 1955.  No original 'Schmitt parts should go to waste,  I would love to see them go to a good home;  No modest offer refused, provided the interested party is patient, and works with me on shipping from California.  More pictures, details available. Numerous other small parts to be offered, as I get more organized. 

Contact Zeke Prince,



Isetta 300 parts for sale. - Transmissiom, chain cover and gears, rear axle and

suspension and partiall frame 

Brian Huston


Wanted - cork carburetor gasket as used on a British built Isetta.  Must be new

condition. (eastern Ontario, Canada)


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