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Parts & Misc. Wanted

WANTED - for NSU Prinz 30: owner’s manual, factory parts manual, dual outlet muffler, hood hinges.

Rob    NJ  at 973-975-2380


WANTED - Subaru Parts:  Windshield for a 1970 sedan and an engine cover top and side gate for a

1967 Pickup.

Chuck   NY at 518 -527-3333


Anything for Champion or Maico cars.  Nice car, rusted hulk, parts, sales literature, photos, articles, especially regarding the stillborn coupe.


Wanted - cork carburetor gasket as used on a British built Isetta.  Must be new

condition. (eastern Ontario, Canada)


Wanted - For Messerschmitt KR-201: right side inner aluminum trim for windshield post; pair (2) of

original side mounted turn signal assemblies (lens and base); original fasteners for windshield;

aluminum trim strip for upper side of engine cover; original or pattern for side curtains and cover

for convertible top. Tel: 1-973-975-2380  (PA)


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