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to the Home page for the MicroMini Car Club. The main focus of this group is on Micro Cars (small vehicles with less than 500cc engine) and mini cars (small vehicles with engines 501cc to 1000cc).

We also recognize that some small vehicles have larger engines in the 1001-1600cc range- and those vehicles are also welcomed. Heck, you don’t even have to own a micro or mini car- just simply have an interest in these wonderful, innovative, and sometimes wacky little vehicles.  

Our mission is to keep you up to date on events that feature micro/mini cars, a listing of clubs and known parts/service providers, plus articles to keep you informed and entertained.

Blue Gradient
Candy Cotton

Micro/Minis On The Tube

Fun stuff on YouTube-   

“Bad driving habits in Mucnich-1957”. Vw’s everywhere including some splitties,

Lloyds, DKW (including vans), Isetta, Hienkle, Messerschmitt, GoGo, Tiempo, Goliath and more.

Classic motorsports take a look at Patty Schwarze's big collection of little cars.

My Classic Car’s Dennis Gage goes to Micro south  (2013)

My Classic Car’s Dennis Gage goes to Micro south  (2019)

Elvis's Messerschmitt

a view trackside of Isettas racing

and a view from inside one of the cars on the track!

Fiat 500s and an Isetta.


Trident test ride

Event Briefs
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Meet in the Middle
South Bend, IN, USA
Micros In The Bluegrass
2254 S Hwy 27, Somerset, KY 42501, USA

Stay Tuned for More 2023 Events

If you would like to see your Event listed here, send Event information to

*Event listing disclaimer*


Events are listed as submitted. MMCC takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any listing. As we know, stuff happens, and last minute changes/cancellations can occur. We encourage you to verify any event you plan attend  before heading out.

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